Amplio Recruiting Works with Full Tilt to Put Refugees to Work

“Clarkston is 1.4 square miles. The most ethnically diverse square mile in America,” says the Mayor of Clarkston, Georgia, Ted Terry. It’s a designation that TIME magazine bestowed on the city where more than half of its residents are refugees from all over the world. It is also home to Amplio Recruiting, a Full Tilt client.

Amplio has been staffing Atlanta businesses with the talented refugee workforce since 2014. Founder Chris Chancey visited Clarkston to learn more about the refugee resettlement process in America and learned that the city houses one of the largest refugee resettlement communities in the country. It has an unemployment rate over 50%. As a social entrepreneur, Chris saw an opportunity to employ these legal and diligent newcomers to the U.S. and provide positive impact for companies throughout Atlanta.

Within a year, Amplio was placing more than 200 refugees with companies around Atlanta. By 2016, refugees they placed were deeply engaged with the products and services offered by Wal-Mart, Google, Tesla, among a dozen others.

We are working with Amplio to drive brand awareness and tell their story, as well as the stories of these refugees and the local businesses they service. Our marketing programming includes media relations, strategic content development, and social media consulting to place Amplio in front of the right audiences. Interested in learning more about Amplio? We have two early results for them that include this article from Inc. Magazine, and Chris’s interview on The Dana Barrett show.