We Find Our “Center” with New Client, Center for Energy Healing

Sometimes we partner with a client that has a really calming effect. That is the case with the Center for Energy Healing, which uses an integrative approach to energy healing by incorporating various modalities. Yoga, meditation and the restorative nature of balance is increasingly important in the hectic environment of today.

We are honored to announce the addition of the Center to our esteemed roster of client partners. Joanne Newell, founder and owner of the Center, is extensively trained in the fields of energy medicine, shamanic healing arts, meditation, intuitive development, hypnosis and regression.

“Energy healing is the process of restoring balance to the human energy field and revitalizing the flow of energy within and around the body. The alignment of energy enhances the body’s ability to heal itself physically and brings a change in mental and emotional states,” explains Joanne.

The Center is dedicated to helping others achieve harmony in their life by balancing energy for pain relief, stress reduction, improved sleep quality and a greater sense of well-being. Full Tilt is working to promote the Center and its movement of energy as a physical, mental and emotional solution to everyday stressors and chronic pain. Our strategy aims to promote Joanne’s community involvement, services, and events that engage Roswell and other local communities.