The Honor of Representing the Alma G. Davis Foundation

Actor Sterling K. Brown’s opening statement at the 2017 Dinner for Divas Gala was certainly profound and set up the evening perfectly. On June 24, the Alma G. Davis Foundation held its 8th annual event to honor victims of domestic abuse, specifically women and girls beginning at age 13. We partnered with the organization to aid in the eradications of domestic violence and celebrate the strength of these beautiful women. It was an incredible experience!

There is no testimony without a test, and that is exactly what Alma G. Davis has taught us.

Alarming statistics show that 25 percent of women and men are abused by an intimate partner, and we feel it important to help share this message and that of ways to help. In the weeks leading up to the star-studded celebration, we managed multiple social media platforms to connect the community and media with news of the organization and upcoming Gala. Information about the Alma G. Davis Foundation and Dinner for Divas reached thousands.

Many highly-reputable media outlets wrote about the event and came out to celebrate with us. On the day of the Gala, our team worked with the reporters, bloggers, and photographers in attendance to interview Alma and Sterling to learn how the pair initially connected and the importance of making changes in society around domestic abuse.

Sterling K. Brown, our incredible host of the evening, kept the room engaged, raise thousands of dollars, but most importantly, respectfully honored the women and girls in attendance. Actors Emmanuel Lewis and Rodney Perry kept the energy high, while Eric Moore and The Craig Lewis Band entertained beautifully. Weeks of preparation and planning made the Dinner for Divas Gala a magical night to remember. We can’t wait for next year!