Aligning Significance with Success

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Each year, we like to partner with our friends at Serviam Partners to host a high-impact networking event that is just a bit different and covers a topic atypical of a traditional business gathering. We kicked off 2020 with more than 70 business leaders as we co-hosted respected business executive, Ash Merchant, to speak about his decision to leave a high-level position (and high salary) to take his family on the road for a year. His journey centered on his quest for significance in his personal life and how that is now woven into his professional goals. His inspiring story can be found on his blog, ConnectingFour.

At Full Tilt, we are passionate about these paths of self-discovery and the avenues available to align our personal aspirations and values with our own branding. Likewise, we work with executives to zero in on this alignment and how their best selves can impact their leadership reputation and those of the companies they lead. We also help them realize the true reach of their impact, how company culture trends are changing, and when to recognize a need for adjustment. 


It may seem like a daunting task to break down the walls between your work and personal selves when it comes to compartmentalized personal projects. We like to implement the idea of optimizing the underlying similarities and weave them into a personalized brand in order to distinguish your voice. It is no surprise the priority of company culture and active leadership are among the leading motivations for Millennials as they begin to overtake the majority of the workforce.

Forbes contributor, Nathan Peart, shares that executives who lean into this change as it corresponds with our society will be the ones who define strong leadership in their companies. This is propagated by actively creating your personal executive brand and developing a strong presence online to support your ideas.

Working at it

Making time and putting in the effort to define your personal brand is an investment in your professional future. In a very digital and communicative world that is ever evolving, creating this distinction for yourself better prepares you for the changes to come. It opens doors, increases your options and gives you the freedom of fluidity for the next goals or steps in your life. 

But it takes some dedication, and often an accountability partner, to not have all the other things that need to get done in a day take precedence. Ask a trusted advisor, partner with a branding coach, or simply set aside time on your calendar or a quiet Sunday morning to focus on this work.

Explore further

We believe in active expression and embracing personal interests. We see the value and dimension we provide our client partners in their journey when each member of our team steps up with their own voice and brand. We enjoy conversations with executives to help them in their self-discovery through our Full Tilt Exec program. Care for a chat? Let’s work to define your leadership strengths and explore the opportunities that clarity provides.