Full Tilt Team Building Day

team building day

At Full Tilt, we value our team as one of our most important assets. We continually ask ourselves what we can do to become smarter, more creative and more effective for our clients and ourselves. Focusing on the ways we can make our team cohesion even better helps us remember the purpose of our work.  

Last week, we set aside time to get out of the office and turn the spotlight on ourselves and our community. We tested our smarts in an escape room at Urban Escape Games and volunteered our time at North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC). While these two methods of team building vary in objective, they both offered us the opportunity to practice what we preach: communication.

Communication is the critical element to what we do every day for all our client partners, but it is equally important to our success as a team. Effectively sharing information allows us to work more efficiently and more accurately. In a smaller team like ours, we share many responsibilities, which means we are constantly supporting each other and must understand the collective needs of the group. Spending time putting this skill to practical use offers us the opportunity to grow both as individuals and as a unified team.

North Fulton Community Charities

To begin our team building activities, we spent a morning at NFCC, a Roswell nonprofit organization whose mission is to build self-sufficiency by providing valuable products and programs. This self-sufficiency is created through the help of a team, one that is filled with volunteers like us.

While volunteering, we had the opportunity to work together in an environment outside the office, one where it was easy to see the impact of our efforts. Organizing donations, straightening up merchandise on the floor, and touring the foodbank gave us hands-on experience in helping our own community. We supported each other in tasks across the facility, allowing our personal strengths and passions to guide us towards the areas we could be most helpful.

We had the opportunity to witness the difference a great team can make in creating an even stronger individual. In speaking with employees and volunteers at NFCC, we learned that it is common for those who originally sought help from North Fulton Community Charities to later become passionate volunteers for the organization. Volunteers often experience positive impacts in their own life by becoming part of the tight knit and supportive community, which continually builds a stronger team to help even more of our citizens – an important cycle.

Urban Escape Games

After our fulfilling time at NFCC, we pivoted to a more brain-bending activity for team building. In our escape room, we investigated an Italian mob member who was using his popular pizza shop as a front for his money laundering scam. We broke into small groups to work our way through the clues, finding that constant communication was more important than any one individual’s work.

As we moved through the puzzles, individual strengths began to show, so we adjusted our roles accordingly. Finding the balance between individual strength and overall communication helped us begin to move through the puzzles more quickly, and although we came very close to escaping, the mob members got away with their heist. It’s probably better we stick to marketing!

FBI Agents for the day

Ultimately, in these miniature versions of what we do every day, we had the opportunity to clearly understand and appreciate the impact a strong team has on the quality of a company’s work. Our team building does not begin or end with these events but continues in our intentional daily interactions, both with each other and with our clients. We are much stronger together and with great communication, we can be a team ready for any challenge. Next time, we escape!

To learn more about the important work that North Fulton Community Charities does, please visit their website, and check out their list of highly needed donations to contribute most effectively.

To build your team or enjoy a little mystery, visit the Urban Escape Games website for booking information and room descriptions.